London Film Awards

2013 London Film Award Winners

London Film Awards Winners truly represent the best of the independent film and screenwriting.  The London Film Awards proudly recognizes the Gold Lion Award Winners of the 2013 film and sceenplay competitions.

tula the revoltGrand Jury Prize

Tula: The Revolt
Directed by Jeroen Leinders

Based on historical facts and the movie starring Danny Glover and Jeroen Krabbé, Tula -The Revolt is a true story about the Great Slave Revolt on the Caribbean island of Curaçao in 1795. Tula, a slave on the Kenepa plantation, is convinced that God made all human beings equal: he finds it increasingly difficult to ignore the inequality and injustice meted out to his people from their Dutch rulers.

human horses film webSpecial Jury Prize

The Human Horses
Directed by Rosario Simanella and Marco Landini

Ibrahim, Ram and Raju are three rickshaw pullers in Kolkata - a city held together by its agony, which has the spasmodic vitality of something that is nearing its end. These men are called “Human Horses” because of the work they do. Actually, they are the last of the lasts, a stubborn proof of the true essence of human dignity.

the goodbye webBest Feature Film

The Goodbye
Directed by Alvaro Diaz Lorenzo

Alex, Toni and Manu take Jose, their recently deceased friend, on a road trip through Europe to scatter his ashes from The Eiffel Tower, on Lake Annecy and on The Coliseum, honoring his deathbed wishes.

undercardBest Short Film

The Undercard
Directed by Sarah B. Downey

Dylan a young mother is forced back into a life of crime in order to find out information about the kidnapping of her son. She partners up with her old crew which leads her to an underworld of bare knuckle fights, mobsters, and ruckus. Dylan finds out that her husband hasn't been truthful, and a young detective informs her that she has the grandson of one of the most powerful west coast mobsters. A story of a woman chalking everything to the game.

agnus dei webBest Foreign Film

Agnus Dei
Directed by Agim Sopi

Based on a true story, Agnus Dei is a kind of Oedipus of our days. Peter must find this way to redemption. But the past will make itself known and fate sparingly gives mercy. Can be save himself, or even be saved at all?

OA film webBest Animated Film

Directed by Reno Armanet

OA will take you into a very strange world. Ours. OA is the creature in all of us, yearning to escape the prison of routine, and embrace the freedom that awaits.

songs in oblivion webBest Documentary Short

Songs in Oblivion
Directed by Samrat Chakraborty

The film centers on a radical man who treasured human beings but is shadowed beneath the incarnation of Lard Krishna. The move also speaks of the Kirtan song with was initiated by him.

turnablindeye film webBest Screenplay

Turn a Blind Eye
Directed by Aasaf Ainapore
United Kingdom

A city trader incriminates himself amidst the protests against the global financial crisis.

alienation webBest Experimental Film

Directed by Aleksey Berdennikov

The film is about the variety of emotions in the relations of people, about the situation when one person refuses to understand the real ideas and feelings of the partners. Such position may easily lead everybody to the world, created his or her own.

dekaos filmBest British Film

Directed by Olly Ginelli
United Kingdom

Dekaos is a 5 minute short written and directed by Olly Ginelli. It is a live-action drama set in the 1980's at the height of the British gangster. "Our Man", the main character, is a pedantic mob boss who pulls out all the stops at the expense of his men.

last ditch stillBest Director

Derniers Recours (Last Ditch)
Directed by Mahi Bena

Slimane can't renew his student resident permit. Will he accept the proposal to help his friend Mehdi in his illegal business in exchange for a permanent residency card?

london memory webCinematic Vision Award

London Memory multi+city
Directed by Margarida Sardinha

London Memory multi+city is a 25 minutes optical illusion experimental film relating the Bergsonian idea of memory with that of duality in a contrapunctum of movement, colour, text and sound. Memory thus appears as a mirror of the mind being the reminiscence of time and space reflected. The holistic transcendental synthesis of a pure past over ten years lived in London by Margarida Sardinha renders itself in a stream of consciousness through the works of those Londoners who influenced her, such as Howard Hodgkin, Virginia Woolf, John Latham, Anish Kapoor, Sri Aurobindo, William Blake (to name a few) as a geometric-sonic abstract continuum.

nah film webBest First-Time Director

Directed by Nicoleta Parasxi

Two friends are walking in the center of Athens and during their walk they start to play a game of words. Through this game we understand the perception of each one about the city that they are living in.

peacock webBest Actor

Kurtz Frausun, Peacock
Directed by Kurtz Frausun

An artist that searches for his Muse in a surrealistic landscape of masked characters, nightmares and sexual deviancy, in the form of a Video Diary. On his journey, the world takes form as a reflection of his psychosis, meeting and parting with numer.

worldscollide webBest Music Video

Words Collide
Directed by Jo Beckett
United Kingdom

A man goes into the woods torn by a woman he knows. He wants to be her lover but words fail him.

Feature Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Winner
“Staycation” written by Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Second Place
“The Girl Who Fell Through Time” written by Kevin Reynolds

Third Place
“Dimestore Saint” written by Nate Lane

Fourth Place
“Armada” written by Dimitri Neos

Fifth Place
“Newton’s Laws of Emotion” written by Eugene Ramos

Official Finalists

“Mother Mayhem” written by Brian W. Smith
“Cow Cross Calling” written by Stephen Guest
“The Frequency Check” written by Steve Kaleff
“All That Glitters” written by Michael Bierman
“London Fog” written by Tasha Hardy
“Reuben The Hood” written by Ash Corristine
“Precious Vengeance” written by Stephen M. Hunt
“Pink Slipped” written by Anna Casadei
“A Memory Circled In Red” written by James Byrne
“Sole Man” written by Anna Casadei
“No Angel Born In Hell” written by Lauren Messamore
“The Last Tree Standing Motel” written by Howard Casner

Honorable Mentions

“Losing Secrets” written by Clint Pearson
“Rogue Shadows” written by Ricardo Afonso
“Leave” written by Ashley Quach
“Who Can Draw Elizabeth?” written by Najeem Ayoola
“The Fad” written by Michael Bierman
“Hegira” written by Gannon Kenney
“Obscurity” written by Paolo Taddei
“Save Him” written by Tom Cunningham
“Crossings” written by Fred Perry
“Vintage Tin” written by James Morton
“Double Take” written by John J. Maffucci
“The Rhythm of Chaos” written by Sarah Skibinski

Short Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Winner
“The Grieving Spell” written by Bill Sarre

Second Place
“SIAN” written by Greg Austin

Third Place
“Drink Recipes For Foolish Lovers” written by Ali Kemal Guven

Fourth Place
“Glory Hole” written by Kristen Alario

Fifth Place
“The Marcoing” Incident written by Jeff Travis

Best Stage Play

First Place 
“Going Solo” written by Drew Keil and Robert Gately

Second Place
“The Ascension of Twyla Potts” written by Fred Perry

Third Place
“Soldiers” written by Dimitri Neos

Best First-Time Screenwriter

First Place 
“Throwing Gasolina” written by Jeffrey Storms

Second Place
“Main Sequence” written by Daniel Kekalainen

Third Place
“Aurora” written by Amber Karlins

Fourth Place
“A Petition for an Alien Relative” written by Kat Prosper

Fifth Place
“The Mistake Phase” written by Matthew Kerr

Official Finalists

“Mule” written by Suzanne McAuley
“Mephisto's Mark” written by Karen Normoyle-Haugh
“The Kreutzer Sonata” written by Kelleigh Jephcott
“Monster and Me” written by Alistair Fryer
“D. T.” written by Ken Comer
“The Waters of Remembrance” written by Maja Vidrac
“White Calm” written by Sid Bodalia
“De Luca Brothers” written by Nicky Davey
“Pussywrecked” written by Paul Georgeades
“Just Be Good To Me” written by Jessica Stanley
“Broads” written by Kelleigh Jephcott
“Do-Overs” written by Brad Christman

Best Television Pilot

First Place 
Lone Star Angels written by Matthew Paris

Second Place
Catalyst written by Mark Casadei

Third Place
Department 4-10 written by Ash Louis

Fourth Place
At the Cross written by language Barrow

Fifth Place
The Verdict Store written by Gannon Kenney